Drivers of Digital Transformation

Innovation & Sustainability

Technology is the nerve center of all businesses today, having changed the game for business across industries, all over the globe. Nothing today that exists in silos can be efficient, effective, or sustainable. Innovation is at the heart sustainable tech.


All profitable businesses leverage technology to its advantage in more ways than one - be it to reduce operating costs, offer better customer experience and engagement, automate business processes, and above all, improve the line items at the top and bottom of the balance sheet

Data Driven

Technology enables every decision to be backed by measurable & empirical data, the extrapolation of which enables smarter business decisions, while not relying solely on intuition. The right digital transformation solution, done the right way, at the right time can save millions of dollars. 

About Us


We aim to innovate as well as architect tools for Digital Transformation in the market. Innovation is what drives growth after all.


Helmed by a team of Industry veterans across domains.


For us, innovation and quality, form our core driving principles and are of utmost importance to us.

Problem Solving

Our years of experience working with both start-ups and well-established enterprises have helped us identify business problems and architect the right digital transformation strategy with guaranteed savings.


Our culture is as people-oriented as it is process-oriented. We believe that excellence is a result of a healthy balance of work and life. We emphasize continuous improvement in personal and professional life. We keenly promote an open and participative culture. 

Our Values


We are committed to understanding gaps in the market and building innovative and disruptive solutions


Quality of solution is equally important as the solution itself, making sure solution for today and for the future


We strive to leave our mark as a reliable company focussed on architecting consistent solutions with accurate results


Commitment, Focus, Openness, and Respect towards our products,, client and the employees are our four pillars for of ethics

Value for money

A solution aimed at solving problem consistently, and saving cost for years to come

Key Team Members

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Brad N. Sommer is an active and accomplished trial litigator. Mr. Sommer had 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Mr. Sommer, is the founder of Sommer Law Group, PC and is also the owner/CEO of multiple businesses in various industries, including real estate, transportation, medical, technology, marijuana consulting and marketing, and sports and entertainment. With this experience, Mr. Sommer brings a practical aspect to his representation based on his business-oriented background.
Brad N. Sommer
Shhrigovind "Shhri" Tiwari , a tech entrepreneur successfully ran a self-funded, technology solutions and services company catering to customer in over 45 countries, offices in 3 countries for close to 9 years before taking the plunge into tech products. In his career spanning over 16 years, his key focus areas have been demand generation, creating high performance result-oriented teams and building automated processes across business horizontals leveraging technology. He has created significant value differentiators for customers giving them competitive edge and helping them reach at the top of their game. Shhri, an invited speaker by the Whos Who of the IT fraternity, colleges, loves astronomy and astrophysics. Though an engineering college drop-out, he has multiple publications in the NASA, IEEE journals in the field of quantum physics and space propulsion to his name. He is an avid traveler, plays guitar and likes to hum while playing his piano.
Shhrigovind Tiwari
Alexander "Alex" Vazquez, came to Pittsburgh with an unrelenting passion to build a business. Constantly challenging status-quo coupled with his staunch perseverance and persistence has now put him at the helm of multiple multi-million dollar businesses. Alex has the knack of grasping the concepts and needs of any business and quickly moves to build successful businesses by executing smart decisions and persistently keeping focused on the vision of the companies. Alex is an ardent follower of technology and innovation with an innate gift to identify technology-automation oriented business opportunities. Within 5 years of having started his first business, Alex, a flamboyant yet humble serial entrepreneur, has forged strong business partnerships and strategic relationships that have generated opportunities and wealth for all people involved. Alex is a caring man and loves knowing he is building a bright future for his children and grandchildren. Alex also enjoys travelling when he's not working.
Alexander "Alex" Vazquez

Join Us

AppTech Innovations is an equal opportunity employer. Our culture is as people-oriented as it is process-oriented. We believe that excellence is a result of a healthy balance of work and life. We emphasize continuous improvement in personal and professional life. We keenly promote an open and participative culture.

IOS Developer

Junior/Senior: 2+ to 3 Years (Vacancy 2)
Joining:– Immediate

Android Developer

Junior/Senior: 2+ to 3 Years (Vacancy 2)
Joining:– Immediate

Software Developer - Laravel

Experience:- Minimum 1 Years to 5 Years (Vacancy – 6)
Joining:- Immediate

Quality Analyst

Experience:- Minimum 2 Years to 3 Years (Vacancy – 2)
Joining:- Immediate

Life at Apptech


Exponential growth to top performers, not bound by annual cycles.


Monthly performance incentives, bonuses and rewards on achieving deadlines


Flexible leave policy and working hours.

Perk leaves

Paid leaves on birthday and wedding anniversary


Healthy, diverse and participative work culture


Onsite travel opportunities.


Company sponsored trips, weekly fun activities

Open door policy

Flat hierarchy with an open door policy with top management

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