Challenges:  Improve visibility and drive traffic
Improve on existing functionalities to achieve seamless automation
Improve user-experience to make it simple and fuss-free
Boost Sales revenues from the website

HAL-SUB Halter Top
VAR-50 Varsity Jacket
OPN-SUB01 Open Back 3_4 Sleeve Crop

About the project


A B2B e-commerce player in the niche dancewear industry based in Toronto, Canada with a topline of a few thousands of dollars. They first approached Exceptionaire with the goal of enhancing its B2B marketing program. Exceptionaire not only created a comprehensive plan to increase visibility and but also boost sales exponentially. The idea was to create a seamless user experience through customization.


Increase traffic:

To begin with, like any e-commerce site, the one word the business revolved around was- Traffic. The first concern was how to drive more eyeballs to the site. Social media was unchartered territory for them.

Lack of well-defined functionalities:

What also concerned them was the functionality of their existing website and seamless automation, or rather the lack of it. This increased the physical interface with the customer in a way that defeats the point of going ‘e’ in e-commerce.

Need for better User experience:

Another point on the problem agenda was the existing design that was cumbersome and difficult to use which made the user experience a rather choppy affair.

Boost Sales:

In addition to all this, the main concern was to design and optimize the website to catapult it to the top of its league and bring a spike in the revenue figures.


The vision of the company was very clear- to be the top of their league. The brief was to do all it takes to get it to the top. Exceptionaire ensured that it irons out all the chinks, making it a perfect armor through its SMAC offering- Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.


Driving traffic involves turning local into global and breaking boundaries and breaching continents. This was achieved through intensive social media marketing and search engine optimization. Our digital marketing efforts succeeded in increasing the number of unique visitors by over 300%.


In order to be able to achieve the kind of customization that they set out to, it was imperative that the website functioned like a well-oiled engine. The website called for very high-level and very detailed customization like contrast stitching, embroidery, appliques; their placement on the garment. All this and much more was successfully built into the various functionalities of the website making it one of the first in its league to offer this level of customization to its customers.

We also developed a highly-enhanced and completely automated ordering system with practically no inventory. What this means is that once an order is placed, say for instance 100 pink embroidered t-shirts- the system automatically places an order to all pertinent vendors- t-shirt manufacturer, dyer and embroiderer, launderer and packaging agent. The system also provides for the vendors to respond with their ability to process the order. For instance, if the t-shirt manufacturer has only 70 t-shirts in stock for the said size, then the system automatically places an order for the deficit to the alternate t-shirt manufacturer to complete the order. All this is achieved with practically no human interface and is completely automated leading to a virtual elimination of delays or errors.

Design and Interface:

The biggest challenge the website faced given all the customization options it offered was to ease the user interface by keeping it user-friendly. This was achieved by ensuring that the time and effort the user spent on the site in customizing the order was optimized. Thus allowing them to choose from a myriad of options, yet keeping the interface simple with a single-page checkout. Moreover, the site was made perfectly fluid which allowed uniform user experience across devices.


The company is now truly a market leader clocking in north of US$ 1million in Sales revenue in less than a year and featuring on the first page on the google search engine for all relevant keywords.